The Growing Leadership Program Process

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The Growing Leadership Program is not only about learning and developing. It also identifies two key challenges that a participant faces and these challenges become project goals which are the focus of measurable outcomes by using an “accountabilty loop” between the business owner or leader, the participant and the program facilitator. The return on investment to the business is not only a better participant whose leadership has grown … but also some real business goals achieved through the process. This process then becomes an ongoing process of achievement toward further project goals for the participant post course completion.

The Leadership Program Delivery

The content is delivered by professional facilitators with a combination of “live workshop” experiences …typically of two hours duration off site. There are also videos to watch and learn from, podcasts to listen to and written exercises to complete. The participant group is made up of many individuals from different working situations so that their exists the opportunity of further growing the participants’ understanding of business in different business scenarios. Then there’s case studies to discuss and question posing situations for the group to “wrestle with.” You see, a significant part of this program is that some aspects of leadership can be taught, but some need to be “caught!

By “caught” we mean the process that is applied in the program involving interacting and discussion to explore solutions and then to see various possibilities and options and the value and risks of different courses of action. This program is not about completing a series of modules, receiving a certificate of recognition, and being done! This Program is about commencing a process of learning receiving recognition for being able to lead and Influence and the process being internalised … and it continues!

Pre Program Process

This involves the Participant and the in-house Mentor meeting with the Program facilitator to discuss potential Projects and to undertake an evaluation of skills, attitudes, and abilities. This is a very positive opportunity to gain clarification around the issues, and challenges that the business is facing that can be handled more effectively by developing the participants leadership. This evaluation by the participant and the in-house mentor ensures the real identification of issues and challenges, and that real projects are put in place.

Program Content Overview

Module 1

  • Why Leadership
  • Defining Leadership and what this actually means
  • Growing Leadership
  • Where do you grow it?
  • What are the benefits for you in improving Leadership?
  • What are the Benefits to the Organisation that you work in?

Module 2


  • Inspect what you Expect
  • MBWA
  • Body Language
  • Communicating for results
  • Communicating with clarity
  • Gaining feedback and assurance.

Module 3


  • Defining your priorities
  • Your time “tool box”
  • Time habits and attitudes
  • Thinking and planning time
  • Urgency and importance
  • A positive time program.

Module 4


  • What is motivation
  • Inspiration versus motivation
  • Motivation and goal direction
  • Types of motivation
  • What is motivating you and your people
  • Target dates
  • The need to prove something.

Module 5


  • You’re a winner
  • Influences that condition us
  • How habits and attitudes are formed
  • Mental macros
  • Choice and success
  • Your personal self concept
  • Two key mindsets

Module 6


  • What is resilience and why it is important?
  • A holistic view using R@W materials
  • The importance of resilience in leaders
  • How resilience in your team can help your results
  • Psychological safety and emotional regulation
  • Cognitive agility and personal development
  • How to build resilience in your team– a step by step guide

Module 7


  • The process of understanding differentpersonalities
  • How different personalities interact– Is it a clash of personalities or a strength to be seen?
  • How to get results with different personalities
  • My own personality and how I can use it for success

Module 8


  • What is coaching
  • The role of listening
  • How to detect different messages
  • Understanding people’s situations
  • Coaching verses ‘directing’
  • Understanding versus presuming.

Module 9


  • Communication the key to coaching
  • Coaching methodology
  • Reflective communication for results
  • Tips for coaching success.

Module 10


  • Preparing for the conversation
  • A process to follow
  • Being open and honest
  • Focussing on the issue not the person.

Module 11


  • A decision making framework
  • O.P.M. and O.P.E.
  • Decisions and values
  • Problem solving
  • Steps to success
  • Age and decision making.

Module 12


  • Positive and negative goals
  • Goal setting 101 – the basics
  • Positive reinforcement of your goals
  • Long-term v’s Short-term goals
  • ‘Having’ and ‘becoming’ goals.

Module 13


  • Your Technical Skills
  • People Skills
  • Security at Work
  • Improving your Productivity
  • Improving your Learning
  • The Pareto Principle
  • Creativity and Imagination.

Program Inclusions

The Growing Leadership Program comes with written modules of information that are kept in each participant’s program binder. The workshops are interactive, enjoyable and a great learning opportunity. The Growing Leadership Program is also on the Lead Australia ‘app’ so that participants can listen to modules and view supporting videos. As part of this unique program there is also monthly coaching and check-in sessions with the participants and the Lead facilitator. This provides a one on one opportunity to discuss progress, identify obstacles to achievement and monitor progress. Further, the Growing Leadership closed facebook group becomes an opportunity to pose questions to the group and the facilitators, so that real time issues can be addressed and handled well. This unique opportunity brings together top quality, knowledgable leaders in their field to help, grow and support the up and coming leaders in your business.Our commitment to you, is to provide the most significant Leadership Growth experience, so that your business can continue to grow and develop and achieve it’s most important goals.

Our Facilitators

Peter Daniels

Peter Daniels

Lead Facilitator

Peter Daniels has been helping individuals and business owners to put in place learning and application so that they can achieve their most important personal and business goals for the last 34 years. Not only that, but by growing and developing themselves he’s seen many enjoy better lifestyles, better health and more fulfilment in their work. As Lead Facilitator in the program he has brought together others competent in their field to enhance the Growing Leadership Program.

Dr Daryl Cross

Dr Daryl Cross

Specialist Facilitator

Dr Darryl Cross is an Organisational and Clinical Psychologist and has been providing both executive and personal coaching for over 20 years in both government and commercial sectors. He is regularly sought by radio for his insights on behaviours of individuals and what might be driving these. Dr Cross has written on a variety of topics in very practical ways about dealing with children, adolescence, depression in the workplace, the art of listening, self-sabotage and discovering success and happiness. He will be helping us in the area of handling difficult conversations and Coaching for success.

Daniele Graham

Daniele Graham

Specialist Facilitator

Dani Graham is the Director at PeopleWise Group and has over 20 years’ experience working in professional recruitment, learning & development, organisational development and human resources. Her mission is to create better workplaces in Australia and better career and work place experiences for people everywhere. Daniele has qualifications in Human Resources, Workplace Training and Assessment, Behavioural Assessments, Professional Counselling, Life Coaching and is a Resilience@Work accredited facilitator.

Kate Mason

Kate Mason

Specialist Facilitator

Kate and her husband have had many businesses in their life, and they still run businesses …with people! Kate’s passion and the learning element that she brings is around understanding personalities through the Meyer’s Briggs Type Indicator, understanding your own MBTI and the preferences of those on your team or in your business circle can help in:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Development
  • Career coaching
  • Team development
  • Managing change
  • Improving communication
  • Decision making

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