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How do we grow leadership in our business?

Developing Leadership in any organisation becomes a priority as organisations grow. Leadership cannot be left only with the person at the top, particularly in business.

Every business needs team members who begin to grow in their leadership, and its not about just completing a course, it’s about embarking on a course of action and learning, and staying the course. It’s about the ongoing development of an individual’s Personal Leadership as well as their Professional Leadership.

It sets in motion a growth factor in your team and in your business … a growth in capability and capacity and competence. It makes better people with better leadership, and in turn a better business. This means that you end up with Individuals embracing responsibility, completing tasks with excellence and timeliness and solving issues and problems before you have to. It frees business owners up as many of the “people issues” and organisational issues are handled at a lower level in the business while actually helping your people to be part of a continuum of growth.

They become a growth part of the solution to the organisation.

About Peter Daniels

leadership coach

Peter Daniels has been involved with helping Businesses and organsiations to set and achieve their most important goals and to help develop key people in organsiations to continue to excel in their role…and in their person!

He’s done this for the past 34 years, and he sees the need for helping people to grow in Leadership and Management.

He understands that Developing Leadership in any organisation becomes a priority as organisations grow. 

Organisations need to continue to grow and develop and this means that the key people within these Organisations need to keep pace in their development.

In fact it can be argued that to be ahead of the competition, to be winning, to excel, the key people in Organisations need to be better than the rest!!

Thats where Peter’s expertise, learning and experience comes into play and how the Growing Leadership Program came to be!

Its come from observing the absence in many workers lives where they haven’t been positively exposed or mentored in Personal as well as Professional Leadership. Its as much about “who” they are…rather than just “what” they” do!

Companies & People Peter Has Worked With

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done,
but because they want to do it.”

Peter has been a tremendous positive influence as a mentor and sounding board for myself for many years. Peter’s expertise and sound knowledge, both Business and Personal, support the relevant programs that are offered.

Peter’s greatest attribute is that he creates a long term relationship, and is always available for advice whether this is relevant to the program or not.

I would wholeheartedly endorse Peter and his Company- extremely beneficial over the years to myself, my staff and my Company.

Glen Scott

Regional Manager, Schneider Electric

I first meet Peter from Lead Australia when I was appointed to my first CEO role at Calvary John James Hospital in Canberra. The hospital had been through some challenging times and the middle management team was disjointed and the hospital was in a culture of Blame.
Working with Peter we developed a Leadership Program for the middle management team which consisted of clinical and non-clinical managers. The program gave each manager the skills and ability to manage their business and a common language they all understood.
Each Manager had a project focused on growing their business which they implemented and reported progress monthly to their peers. The growth within the middle management team was extraordinary and with their leadership the culture of the hospital moved from Blame to Ambition in 12 months.
A number of the middle managers have since progressed to Senior Management Roles. The program was a great success.

Shaune Gillespie


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